February 22, 2017

Protective Factors Training

BookmarkStrong Parents, Stable Children: Building Protective Factors to Strengthen Families (View flier) provides an overview of the five Strengthening Families Protective Factors, which are characteristics that promote optimal development by helping families succeed and thrive, even in the face of risks and challenges.

Children are at greater risk of maltreatment when families are under a lot of stress. Every family experiences challenges and stress, but some cope better than others. There are many reasons why families handle stress differently, but one has to do with protective factors. Numerous studies have shown that the presence of these protective factors can reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect.
Strong Parents, Stable Children training materials are applicable for a variety of people with whom parents and children interact every day, and who are therefore in a good position to offer support and services, including:

  • Childcare Professionals
  • Educators/Social Service Professionals
  • Parents & Grandparents
  • Clergy/Faith-based Leaders
  • Business Professionals
  • Health Care Professionals

The training can be presented as an interactive 4-hour workshop in which all five protective factors are introduced, or it can also be adapted so that each protective factor is discussed individually.

Below you will find links to the training manual materials, which are organized by protective factor. Each section contains printouts of the training PowerPoint slides along with a variety of printable fact sheets and tools that can be used by individual families or in work with families. Links are also available below to view an actual training, divided in sections by protective factor, provided by Dr. David Schramm, Ph.D., University of Missouri Extension. In addition, you will find links to a bookmark and informational wheels that are distributed during trainings.

For additional information, please contact the Children’s Trust Fund at 573-751-5147 to learn about upcoming training dates, to schedule a training &/or to host a training.   Strong Parents, Stable Children: Building Protective Factors to Strengthen Families Training is supported in part by funds made available through the Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) Federal Grant from the Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services.

Other Resources:

Download the full training manual here.

You may download training manual materials by section by clicking on the following links:

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Cover Title Page Summary Introduction Concrete Support Parental Resilience Parenting Knowledge Social Emotional Social Connections Trainer Script

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Training Videos:

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