July 25, 2016

Region 2 – Northeast






Region 2 is comprised of the northeast Missouri counties of Adair, Chariton, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Linn, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Putnam, Ralls, Randolph, Schuyler, Scotland, Shelby and Sullivan.

CHART Teen Task Force, Hannibal
RealCare Baby Prevention Project
Prevention Focus: Primary – Teen Pregnancy Prevention
The RealCare Baby Prevention Project strives to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect by strengthening adolescents’ knowledge of infant needs and parent responsibilities through the use of high-tech infant simulators. Working in partnership with schools, educational programs using the RealCare Babies will be established in seven northeast Missouri counties (Marion, Ralls, Shelby, Monroe, Pike, Lewis, Clark) with the goal of encouraging teens to delay pregnancy and parenting.
For more information:
Sandra Ahlum, M.D., Chairperson

CHART Teen Task Force, Hannibal
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funding from sale of the CTF specialty license plate to provide a public awareness campaign in northeast Missouri regarding teen pregnancy prevention.
For more information:
Sandra Ahlum, M.D.

Child Center, Inc. (The), Wentzville
KIDS’ Rights© Sexual Abuse Prevention Program
Prevention Focus: Primary – School Based Sexual Abuse Prevention Education
The KIDS’ Rights Sexual Abuse Prevention program strengthens the child’s ability to recognize and resist assault and educates adults on their responsibility to protect children from abuse. This is accomplished by presenting first to educators within the school system, then parents and children. Through interactive discussion, videos, role-playing and visual aids, children gain increased knowledge and awareness about sexual abuse and prevention skills. Education regarding on-line safety is presented to older children. The focus for professionals is to teach them their role as a mandated reporter and how to handle disclosures made by children in order to provide the crucial support from the very beginning. Parents are taught the warning signs of abuse, strategies on ways to listen and respond to their child, and how to report abuse and get needed help and support. This program covers the northeast counties of Pike, Marion, Lewis, Clark, Scotland, Schuyler, Knox, Shelby, Monroe and Ralls.
For more information:
Elphanie Swift, Executive Director

Great Circle, Columbia
Incredible Years Parenting Program
The Incredible Years (IY) is a video-based parenting education program for parents who have children in early childhood (ages 3-5) and school age (6-12 years). IY has been proven effective both in clinical treatment programs for conduct problems in young children and in community programs for families at increased risk for abuse. IY is designed to be conducted in a group setting with preferably 12-16 participants. Groups meet weekly for fourteen weeks. Topics include learning to play with your child, increasing positive behavior through praise, etc. and include home assignments. Great Circle offers IY groups three times per year and will target parents in Adair County.
For more information:
Julia Adami, Director of Community Based Services

Great Circle, Columbia
Project Thrive CBCAP
Project Thrive is a program serving families in Adair County Missouri and part of the federally funded Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) program.  Through a community-based collaborative service delivery model, Project Thrive is a family-centered and prevention focused program designed to strengthen families with young children by providing coordinated wrap-around family-centered services and support that promotes the safety and well-being of children.  The program delivers health, support and social services to families in order to improve overall outcomes, reduce costs, promote family empowerment, child and youth development, and ultimately reduce the risks or incidence of child abuse and neglect.   A community network coordinator works with the larger provider network in building capacity, organizing and delivering services to families in an integrated, strength-based and comprehensive way.   Each eligible family works with a lead agency and the overall provider network to develop and implement a family road map for achieving their stated goal(s).
For more information:
Jamie Kethe, Project Thrive Coordinator

Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic, Kirksville
Teen Parent Lifeline
The Teen Parent Lifeline program is a comprehensive project that reaches out to teenagers who are pregnant or parenting young children. The purpose of the program is to promote positive parenting practices, encourage the continuance of the teen’s education, and to establish a positive family structure with clear goals for the future to ensure the best possible outcomes for the families served. The Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents curriculum will be used. This curriculum is comprehensive, evidence-based and contains individual lessons in 16 different skill areas. The service area includes the northeast Missouri counties of Adair, Knox, Macon, Putnam, Schuyler and Sullivan.
For more information:
Breanne Hunt, Executive Director

Randolph County Caring Community Partnership, Moberly
Focus on Fatherhood – Responsible Fatherhood Program
This collaborative approach offers a comprehensive fatherhood support program in Randolph and Saline Counties (Region 4) based upon the National Center for Fathering curriculums: Connecting With Your Kids and Quenching the Father Thirst. This program promotes responsible fatherhood through traditional and non-traditional settings such as barbershops, stores and local restaurants by displaying remote Fatherhood Resource Centers that include brochures, flyers, interactive CDs and other materials advocating for the needs of fathers. In addition, fathers will be recruited to take part in a “Dadvisory Group” in which participates plan and evaluate the program, and facilitate training seminars using the two curriculums.
For more information:
Brian K. Williams, Executive Director
660- 263-7173

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