May 24, 2016

Region 5 – East

Region 5 is comprised of the east Missouri counties of Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren, and St. Louis City.

ARCHS, St. Louis
ARCHS’ CTF Enhanced Family Support
Area Resources for Community & Human Services (ARCHS) is implementing the Enhanced Family Support (EFS) program which builds upon services provided to at risk families through the Stay at Home Parent home visitation project.  EFS works with families through monthly support meetings.   The program, focusing on the Strengthening Families Protective Factors, incorporates strength-based parent coaching, facilitates educational activities promoting parent/child interaction, and offers opportunities for families to develop positive social networks.
For more information:
Wendell E. Kimbrough, CEO

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri, St. Louis
Parents as Partners
Parents as Partners serves at-risk children through mentoring and support and education for their parents. Primary strategies include training and supporting parents and caregivers to be the primary nurturing adult in their child’s life as well as matching children with a screened and trained adult mentor. Using a 4:1 Relationship Model, this project works to connect and engage four important and supportive adults in a child’s life beginning with the parent and mentor, school/teacher and BBBSEMO program staff. Going beyond the mentoring, BBBSEMO prioritizes parent education and support, supporting services and resources and referrals. Project service area includes St. Louis city and county, St. Charles, Cape Girardeau, and Jefferson counties.
For more information:
Melissa Bode, Chief Resource Officer

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation, St. Louis
Baby Steps Program
Prevention Focus: Primary & Secondary – Parent Support & Education
Baby Steps is a multifaceted program of SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.  Baby Steps focuses on parents of infants served by Glennon’s Fetal Care Institute, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Nursery Follow-Up Clinic, many of whom are children with special needs.  Baby Steps provides parents with education, practical assistance and emotional support.  In addition, Baby Steps’ activities are accessible to and tailored for extended family members such as grandparents and siblings.  All child abuse and neglect prevention educational materials are available on Glennon’s website and through Glennon’s family resource library.
For more information:
Debby Brauch, Director of Grant Development

Child Care Aware of Missouri, St. Louis
Protecting Children with Special Needs
Prevention Focus: Primary – Training for Child/Family Serving Professionals
Protecting Children with Special Needs integrates the evidence-based Stewards of Children curriculum and the Strengthening Families™ Framework with a promising practice in adult education for the child care, early education and after-school workforce. The promising practice is the use of short-term, topic-focused learning communities. Within a nine month time frame a group of practitioners will come together three times to learn specific content on child abuse identification/reporting and prevention.  Special attention is given to the learning objectives related to sexual abuse and the higher risk factors found in the population of children and youth with special needs.  In the weeks between training, participants engage in active application of their new knowledge through regular coaching and technical assistance.  This project is being piloted in targeted communities (St. Louis city, St. Louis County, Greene County) that have high incidences of child abuse reports with a goal toward statewide implementation.
For more information:
Beth Ann Lang, Chief of Quality Improvement

Child Center (The), Wentzville
School-Based Sexual Abuse Prevention Program
Prevention Focus: Primary – School Based Sexual Abuse Prevention Education
This program works to strengthen a child’s ability to recognize and resist assault and to educate and increase responsibility for adults to protect children from abuse. This is accomplished by presenting first to educators within the school systems, parents and children. Through interactive discussion, videos, role-playing and visual aids, children will gain increased knowledge and awareness about sexual abuse and prevention skills. Education regarding on-line safety is presented to older children. The focus for professionals is to teach them their role as a mandated reporter and how to handle disclosures made by children to provide the crucial support from the very beginning of the process. The focus for parents is to teach them warning signs of abuse, ways to listen and respond to their child, and how to report and get needed help. The evidence-informed Body Safety Sexual Abuse Prevention Program model is used. Service area is Warren County.
For more information:
Sabrina Keznecoff, Grants Administrator

Children’s Home Society of Missouri, St. Louis
Nurturing Parents Community-Based Model
The evidence-based parenting training and support program is provided to parents who have adopted or are fostering children.  The Nurturing Program for Parents has been designed to offer support to families with special needs children.  The five constructs of the program include appropriate expectations of children, parental empathy, non-violent discipline, appropriate family roles, and a child’s need to develop independence and self-control.  The overarching goal is to help parents improve their ability to nurture in each of the five constructs.  Ten parent education sessions are offered addressing child development, appropriate discipline and parenting a child with special needs.
For more information:
Karen E. Nolte, Executive Director

Children’s Home Society of Missouri, St. Louis
Nurturing Parenting Home Visitation Services
Prevention Focus: Secondary – Parent Support & Education
This project integrates the Nurturing Parenting curriculum into family support home visitation services. The Nurturing Parenting curriculum is evidenced-based, family-centered, and helps families to build protective factors and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect of children. The Nurturing Parenting Home Visitation Program is designed to offer support to a variety of families at-risk. While Children’s Home Society will work with any family in need, their primary service populations are families with children who have significant developmental disabilities or behavioral issues.
For more information:
Rachel Neukirch, Director of Programs

Community and Children’s Resource Board (The), St. Charles

CTF License Plate Partner
Utilizes funding from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate to award grants on an annual basis that support child serving organizations, their prevention efforts and awareness in St. Charles County. Funding supports respite care/crisis nursery services, home visits with Headstart families, infant car safety seats, services to teen mothers, and the annual county-wide baby shower – “Shower of Love” which provides essentials to expectant moms in need.
For more information:
Bruce Sowatsky

Epworth Children & Family Services, St. Louis
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funding from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate to support the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School Links program. School Links is a voluntary family support program that addresses mental health, emotional, behavioral and educational needs of children and their parents up to age 17. A Master’s level licensed family therapist (LPC) works closely with each family and the school district with the goal of helping at-risk students and their families lead more stable lives by equipping them with parenting knowledge, community reesources, behavior management techniques and relationship building skills.
For more information:
Julie Reed, Chief Development Officer

Fathers’ Support Center, St. Louis
Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Workshops
The Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Workshops (CAANP) are a community based educational project of the Fathers’ Support Center (FSC) with the assistance of the St. Louis County Department of Health designed to increase the knowledge and awareness of child abuse and neglect and how to prevent it.  Fathers enrolled in the FSC program are provided 10 hours of parent education.  FSC uses the Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families & Communities:  A Violence Prevention Parent Training curriculum which focuses on positive behaviors and attitudes, positive parenting and effective discipline of children.
For more information:
Destini Goodwin, Director of Social Services
314-333-4170 x 105

Good Shepherd Children and Family Services, St. Louis
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funding from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate to assist the Expectant Parent Support Program (described above). With information provided, parents become knowledgeable and are prepared for the child’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs which reduce the risk of abuse or neglect, infant mortality and the incidence of low birthweight babies.
For more information:
Rene DeFlore, Development Director

Jefferson County Community Partnership, Barnhart
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funding from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate to support the Safe Babies Program for Jefferson County families. The Safe Babies Program provides parent education classes and facilitates home visitation services through Nurses For Newborns Foundation to provide cribs, monitors, and other essential baby supplies to families in need.
For more information:
Tracy Smith, Executive Director

Kingdom House, St. Louis
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funds from sale of the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate in St. Louis City and County to support the Kingdom House Family Center which provides respite care to children and their caregivers. Respite services are provided for up to 10 children each day providing care for children in a safe environment and stress relief for parents. Parents are also taught positive ways to manage their stress and anger.
For more information:
Scott Walker

Lemay Child & Family Center, St. Louis
Family Support Initiatives
Using the Strengthening Families framework, this project enhances strategies to facilitate friendships and support systems among families; strengthens parenting; responds to family crises; links families to services and opportunities; facilitates children’s social and emotional development; increases awareness and how to respond to early warning signs of abuse and neglect; and supports parents.  The Positive Parenting curriculum and the Parents as Teachers Born to Learn curriculum are used in conjunction with other program components.
For more information:
Laura DeWoskin, Curriculum Coordinator

Lincoln County Resource Board, Troy
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Funds from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate supports parent education within the public schools and WIC participants. The program incorporates the use of Reality Babies for WIC classes and high school students enrolled in Family and Consumer Science courses to teach about Shaken Baby Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drug Induced Syndrome. Real Care Babies provide expectant and new parents the opportunity to learn how to properly care for their infant as well as acquire coping skills when the baby is fussy and/or cries excessively. Reality Babies are available for loan to each of the four local school districts within Lincoln County to incorporate into their respective curriculum.
For more information:
Kristin Gentry

Marygrove, Florissant
Mentor for Teen Parents
Mentor for Teen Parents works with pregnant or parenting teens currently in the Transitional and Independent Living Programs.  The teen parent mentor/case manager provides direct support, education and information regarding child abuse prevention, mental health, child development, child care, community resources and housing.  The goal of the program is to reduce child abuse and neglect risks by increasing knowledge of child development and parenting, teaching how to access community resources in order to establish a safe living environment, gain confidence, increase self-sufficiency and successfully manage stress.
For more information:
Meghan Mueller, Development Associate

Nurses For Newborns, St. Louis
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funding from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate to provide nurse home visitation services for medically fragile and other at risk children and families within Nurses For Newborns service area.
For more information:
Rich Hennicke, Grants Manager

Our Lady’s Inn, St. Louis
Family Strengths Program
Prevention Focus: Secondary – Parent Support & Education
Our Lady’s Inn provides emergency residential shelter for homeless, pregnant and parenting mothers. The Family Strengths Program incorporates individual support along with a 12-hour family wellness program. Using the Survival Skills model, six 2-hour classes are presented which focus on building healthy family interactions, appropriate child expectations and positive practical parenting behaviors. Through personalized support, specific issues are addressed and practiced.
For more information:
Peggy Forrest

St. Louis Crisis Nursery, St. Louis
CAP in the Community
Through community-based awareness and interventions that mitigate factors that lead to child abuse, CAP Outreach projects provide Crisis Nursery Keeping Kids Safe presentations to community-based groups/organizations; conduct Canvassing Days to reach isolated, underserved neighborhoods; host Community Outreach Days that provide critically needed supplies, parent education, developmental assessments for children and connections to other resources; and conduct home-based interventions with high-risk families.  Area of service includes Lincoln, St. Charles and Warren counties.
For more information:
Rachel Crowe, Family Empowerment Director

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation, St. Louis
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Funds from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate support the Family Resource Center located within Children’s Hospital and, in particular, the Resource Librarian who assists parents/caregivers in understanding their child’s diagnosis in order to provide proper care. Studies indicate that informed parents who know what to expect in their child’s development are better prepared to handle associated stress and less likely to become frustrated, thereby reducing the risk of abuse and neglect.
For more information:
Jeanne Gibbons, Officer, Corporate and Foundation Relations

SIDS Resources, Inc., St. Louis
CTF License Plate Marketing Partner
Utilizes funds from the Children’s Trust Fund prevent child abuse license plate to provide safe cribs and crib sheets benefiting low income or at-risk families with infants in the greater St. Louis (Missouri) metro area including Franklin and St. Charles County. The program identifies eligible families through referrals from partnering agencies including Catholic Charities, St. Louis County Health Department, Family Care Health Centers, Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Center, etc. A partnership has also been forged with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center for assistance. Those families approved for a crib receive a follow-up home visit from a health professional who assembles the crib and educates the family on its use, safe sleep practices and other techniques to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
For more information:
Lori Behrens, Executive Director
314-241-7437 or 800-421-3511

University City Children’s Center, St. Louis
Healthy Minds for the Future
Healthy Minds for the Future works to prevent child abuse and develop healthy, resilient families by increasing parents’ understanding of the social and emotional development of children, and supporting early childhood educators to become a catalyst for positive family relationships. UCCC helps families identify and build upon the Strengthening Families Protective Factors by creating opportunities for parent networking through groups, family living classes, and social events; providing education on child development; providing information of family support resources, and by building the social and emotional competencies of the children served by the center.
For more information:
Kris Schwetye, Development Associate

Vision for Children at Risk , St. Louis
The St. Louis Community and Family Partnership
Prevention Focus: Primary/Secondary – Strengthening Families
The St. Louis Family & Community Partnership is a coalition of sixty child and family serving agencies in the St. Louis area that implements programs to prevent child abuse and neglect and ensure that more children have safe family environments. The partnership provides a collaborative structure through which agencies can share information and resources and coordinate services. Vision for Children at Risk (VCR) provides staff support and guidance for the partnership. The partnership conducts regional planning and data analysis on child abuse/neglect prevention and child welfare, raises awareness of child abuse/neglect issues, provides opportunities for skills development for child-serving professionals through training and resource-sharing, and coordinates prevention services in order to reduce duplication and maximize resources. Emphasis on the Strengthening Families protective factors is woven into all strategies.
For more information:
Richard Patton, Executive Director

Women in Charge, St. Louis
Building Stability for Teen Moms
At Women in Charge, teen moms become part of a warm and supportive community of peers, caring professional staff and volunteers.  In addition to literacy and GED classes, coping strategies, and life skills (nutrition, speech/communications, financial literacy), this project uses the Parents As Teachers model and the Teaching Parents of Young Children curriculum to provide parenting education around appropriate developmental expectations and other parenting skills training.
For more information:
Lynn Chapman-Wolf, Director of  Clinical Services and Development

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