January 19, 2017

CTF Specialty License Plate Resources

The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) specialty license plate program provides Missourians the opportunity to show their support for strengthening families and child abuse prevention by displaying the official CTF license plate — the ones with the green handprints — on their vehicle.  These resources are intended to help CTF’s grantees and License Plate Partners (LPP) in their efforts related to promoting the plate.

Please note, some of the files are large and may take a while to download.

License to Care Ad Slicks (b/w & color)

License to Care Fliers (8 1/2 x 11)

Boywithbandana   boyinmotorcyclegear  boywithmotorcyclehelmet  motorcycle

Capture   Capture2

Capture  Capture2

License Plate Order Forms – Rack Card/Brochure/Flier

Banners —  Consider using the banner creatives within PowerPoint presentations, Social Media &/or on the website.

CTFretBannerLicenseLR  CTFtableBannerDonorLR  CTFtableBannerLicenseLR  Capture  Capture

License Plate Radio Advertisement

License Plate Cable Advertisements


Suggested language for a partner to use as a credit/caption:
A donation to the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) to purchase a CTF specialty license plate benefits [insert License Plate Partner (LPP) name].

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