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"Something We Agree On" 3-month Reach and Engagement Data


Use this interactive table to browse a few noteworthy statistics we obtained from our media partner, Bucket Media.

Multi-channel delivery

Bucket Media developed a robust campaign that utilized multiple methods to reach our intended audience

  • Audio – Pandora, traditional Radio
  • Video – YouTube, Gas Stations, free Streaming apps
  • Online – Facebook/IG, Google Ad Network

High completion rates

On free streaming apps like Tubi and PlutoTV,

our video messages were viewed all the way through

97% of the time


120,000+ unique households

Promising YouTube watch data


On YouTube, where people saw the videos mostly on TVs, 


our view rate was 50%


which is slightly above average for this type of targeted content

Young parent interaction


On Facebook and Instagram


nearly 80% of 5,000+ clicks


came from young parents – ages 18-34

Seeing twice is nice


On Google, for the content that we

deliberately re-displayed


to individuals who saw our it on another platform (like streaming services),


the click rate was much higher than average

Public Education Update: CTF Pleased with 3-month Reach and Engagement Data

CTF’s Staff and Board would like to say “thank you” for the feedback and response you’ve provided so far on the launch of our Positive Community Norms campaign: “Something We Agree On.”

Our primary focus during the first 3 months of the campaign has been delivering messages about simple strategies to prevent child sexual abuse. The positive norm we highlighted was that “86% of parents talk with their children about personal boundaries.”

Use the interactive table above to browse a few noteworthy statistics we obtained from our media partner, Bucket Media. Our hope continues to be that these positive media results translate to tangible outcomes in the families and communities you serve!


BELOW: Click to watch CTF’s latest 4-minute educational video on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. Please access, share, and put this resource to use in your organization. Join us in our effort to create better social norms at

The average age of disclosure of child sexual abuse is 52 years old… We have to be willing to talk about it to put an end to it; the secrecy and stigma have to end.

Cara Gerdiman

Executive Director, Kids' Harbor, Inc.