November 30, 2015

Electronic Fliers

LP Rural MO October 2015
Missouri State Fair web ads
LP_Rural MO May 2015
CAPM Rural MO April 2015
NEFAM Rural MO 2015
Tax Check-Off Rural MO Jan 2015
Tax CheckOff Jan 2015
Safe Sleep Rural MO Dec 2014
LP Rural MO Oct 2014
CAPM Rural MO April 2014
Tax Check-off Rural MO Feb 2014
LP Rural MO Sept 2013
NEFAM Rural MO Jul 2013
CTF Ads 2011/2012

CTF Banners 2011/2012

Prevention Campaigns
Prevent Sexual Abuse Flier 2015
Safe Sleep 2015 
NEFAM Rufus 2014
Safe Sleep December 2014
Emotional Abuse rack card v3
NEFAM rack card 8-13
NEFAM posters (5) FY13
NEFAM poster 1-12
NEFAM rack card 12-11_Sp
Never Shake rack card 1-12
Never Shake brochure_Sp12-11
Never Shake poster 2012
Never Shake flier – Spanish 2011-2012
Safe Sleep rack card 6-13
Safe Sleep Poster 7-13
Safe Sleep flier_Sp 12-11
Safe Sleep brochure_Sp 12-11

Prevention Parent with Patience
Postive Parenting Tips
CAPM 2014
SF poster 2-14
SF rack card 3-13
CAPM 2013
Meth brochure
Stress flier 11-08
Positive Parenting (PDF)
Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Child (PDF)
Understanding Discipline & Guidance (PDF)
Issues in Development (PDF)
Observing and Knowing Your Child (PDF)
Development – Language, Motor, Intellectual, Social-Emotional (PDF)
Words Help 1
Words Help 2
Words Help 3
CAPM 2012
Emotional Abuse Flier

Parents As Teachers Inserts
PAT insert Jan 2013
CTF/PAT Texting Tips flier
PAT insert Positive Parenting Fliers 
PAT insert General Information
PAT insert April 2010
PAT insert January 2010

Spanish Materials
SFSK poster 15 Spanish
SFSK Rack Card 15_Spanish
Never Shake Poster 15_Spanish
Never Shake Rack Card 15_Spanish
NEFAM poster 15_Spanish
NEFAM Rack Card 15_Spanish
CTF magnet 141_Spanish
CTF magnets_Spanish
Crib Safe Poster 13_Spanish
CTF Safe Sleep Rack Card_Spanish
Emotional Well Being Rack Card 15_Spanish

Metro transit April 2015
King transit April 2015
St. Louis King Holiday December 2014
KC King Holiday December 2014
St. Louis metro Holiday December 2014
St. Louis metro April 2014
Metro Buses April 2014
Holiday 1 Dec 2013 Holiday 2 Dec 2013
STL metro Dec 2013

LP Ad 2015
Motorcycle Fliers 5 2014
LP rack card 1-12
LP poster 1-12
Tax Check-Off flier (2014)
Tax Check-Off Ad (2014)
Tax Check-Off graphics (2014)

Grant Funding Map Flier 2015
FY14 Grant Map
Annual Report
Historic Timeline FY14
General CTF
Gen Rack Card 2013

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