February 22, 2017

PODCAST: Parent Leadership & Support

Sam Blue

Sam Blue

February is National Parent Leadership Month in which communities across the country honor and celebrate parents who work to strengthen their families, neighbors and communities. In this podcast (recorded in 2016), Sam Blue, Community Engagement Specialist for Vision for Children At Risk through Project LAUNCH, St. Louis, discusses with CTF Executive Director Kirk Schreiber the importance of supporting parents through both the “big” and the “small” parenting moments, victories and challenges. Blue talks about the power of encouragement and how it can bring organizations and communities together.

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PODCAST: ABC’s of Safe Sleep

CTF - Lori BehrensSeptember is National Baby Safety Month. In this podcast, Kirk Schreiber, CTF Executive Director, discusses the steps to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) with Lori Behrens, Executive Director, SIDS Resources. They talk about the basic recommendations for providing a safe sleeping environment for infants and how to reduce the risk of SIDS. Through the ABC’s of Safe Sleep, listeners are given specific guidelines on how they can prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome while providing the safest sleeping environment for their children.

PODCAST: Protecting Children Against Sexual Abuse Part 1

Podcast image_Cherrise NancyIn this podcast, Kirk Schreiber, CTF Executive Director, discusses the prevention of sexual abuse of children with Cherisse Thibaut, Manager, Prevention and Community Engagement with Missouri KidsFirst and Nancy Corley, Director of Child and Family Wellbeing, The Alliance of Southwest Missouri.  The group talks about defining sexual abuse and the impact that it can have on individuals and communities.  Listeners are given specific examples of what they can do to support prevention efforts.

PODCAST: The Importance of Parent Leadership

sam blue1February is National Parent Leadership Month. For this podcast we talk about the importance of parent involvement and leadership in communities with Sam Blue, Community Engagement Specialist for the Vision for Children at Risk through Project LAUNCH in St. Louis. Blue is also a member of the FRIENDS National Parent Advisory Council for Community Based Child Abuse Prevention. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Blue is a husband of 23 years and father of 9 children, seven daughters and two sons.

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PODCAST: Mandated Reporting in Missouri, What’s Changed

Cherisse ThibautIn this podcast Children’s Trust Fund Executive Director Kirk Schreiber speaks with Cherisse Thibaut, Prevention and Community Outreach Manager for Missouri KidsFirst, about mandated reporting in Missouri.  They discuss recent legislation that has changed, who is required to report suspected abuse, and why the changes were made.  Changes to mandated reporter requirements.  Thibaut also discussed how to report suspected abuse as well as the current efforts by Missouri’s Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children.

Anyone who suspects child abuse or  neglect is urged to call the Children’s Division Hotline at 800-392-3738.
AUDIO: Mandated Reporting


Podcast – Investing in Infrastructure to Care for Kids, Reverend Starsky Wilson

Rev. Starsky WilsonThe Deaconess Foundation is a faith-based organization devoted to advancing a culture of health and hope for children in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Reverend Starsky Wilson serves as the organization’s President and CEO. Mary Furness, Learfield Communications, spoke with Rev. Wilson during CTF’s Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Conference. He says the goal is to invest in programs that serve kids with the biggest need.

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Podcast – Dr. Robert Block, M.D., on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) demonstrated an association between the number of adversities experienced in childhood and adult health, mental health and overall well being.  Newer science, evolving rapidly, has moved the field from association to actual causation.  Dr. Robert Block, M.D., Immediate Past President, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), discusses scientific and other revelations that have come from the ACE Study and what’s ahead in the area of child maltreatment and prevention.  The interview was conducted April 2, 2013 in conjunction with his opening presentation at the Children’s Trust Fund Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Conference “The New River Story – Spirit, Science, Action” held in Jefferson City (MO).

Dr. Block works to educate and spread awareness about academic research related to violence and abuse.   He is an Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics and Immediate Past Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa.

View Dr. Block’s PowerPoint from Opening Plenary – April 2, 2013

Podcast – Spirit, Science, Action with Dr. Jeff Linkenbach

Dr. Jeff LinkenbachMary Furness, Learfield Communications, recently spoke with Dr. Jeff Linkenbach, Ed.D., at the Children’s Trust Fund Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Conference – “The New River Story” in Jefferson City.  Dr. Linkenbach, Research Scientist and Director of the Center for Health & Safety Culture at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT,  has developed the Science of the Positive framework which emphasizes three domains of Spirit, Science and Action with preventing child maltreatment and incorporating the positive community norms (PCN) approach.  Dr. Linkenbach serves as an active member of the CDC’s K2A (Knowledge To Action) Think Tank on child maltreatment prevention.

Listen to Podcast 4/3/2013

Learn more at Most of Us.Org and Montana Institute


Podcast – Office of Child Advocate

OCA Kelly Schultz

In this latest podcast, Kelly Schultz, Director for the Office of Child Advocate (OCA) talks about the role of her office which serves as an independent third party reviewer for the Children’s Division, Department of Social Services.  Located within the Office of Administration, OCA offers an independent voice for children to help ensure their safety. For more information, contact the Office of Child Advocate toll free at (866) 457-2302 or oca@oca.mo.gov.

PODCAST: Office of Child Advocate

Podcast – Task Force Report on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Emily, Mariss and KirkIn 2011 Senate Bill 54  authorized the establishment of the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children.  Over the past year, the Task Force conducted research and gathered and analyzed expert testimony culminating in a report that details twenty-two recommendations in seven core subject areas:  community-based child abuse prevention, professional training and technical assistance, multi-disciplinary team excellence, mental health services and treatment, awareness, funding and statutory changes.  CTF Executive Director Kirk Schreiber spoke with Emily van Schenkhof, Deputy Director of Missouri KidsFirst (pictured left) and Marissa Gunther, Prevention Coordinator for Missouri KidsFirst (pictured center) about how the task force was formed, how the report was conducted and what the recommendations mean for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

PODCAST: Child Sexual Abuse Task Force Report
Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children Releases Report (1/3/13)
View Full Report (PDF)