September 2, 2015


The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) develops and provides rack cards, posters, electronic fliers, DVDs and other parenting materials that support its public education campaigns, such as positive parenting, Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Prevention, safe sleep environments, realistic expectations of children and the dangers of leaving children unattended in or around vehicles. These materials are available by request or by completing the online Literature Order Form to individuals, childcare agencies, hospitals, home visitation programs, health agencies, schools and other family support/serving organizations to increase awareness and help prevent child abuse and neglect.

CTF prides itself in the development of literature that is not only informational, but also attractive and easily understood. It is our intent that our materials serve as useful tools in your efforts to support Strong Families, Safe Kids.

Materials sent to Missouri organizations and individuals are free of charge; however, CTF encourages recipients to consider making a donation to help continue this service. Any donation is appreciated, but certainly not required. There is a small fee per item for out-of-state requests over one.

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Cable PSAs

Radio Messages
Electronic Fliers

Positive Parenting Tips
The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) and the Parents As Teachers National Center (PATNC) created a series of positive parenting tips to help everyone better understand and care for infants through pre-school aged children. Available in electronic format only.

Your License to Care
Have you seen the neat plates with the green handprints? Those are the CTF specialty license plates, and this rack card provides information on how to obtain one. The required $25 annual contribution can be designated to your local License Plate Partner. The plate serves as a moving billboard about the importance of prevention and sports our green hand prints logo and the “Prevent Child Abuse” message. Find more CTF License Plate resources here.

“Not Even for Minute”Never Leave Children Alone in or around Vehicles
Do you run a daycare, a convenient store or do you work in a health clinic or other child serving organization? The ‘Not Even for a Minute’ materials provide critical information for parents and child caregivers of newborns and toddlers about the dangers of leaving children alone in or around vehicles. These make ideal additions for use during wellness and health fairs, parenting classes and home visitation programs. Find NEFAM printable resources here.

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Prevention
This campaign was designed to inform parents, family members and other caregivers of the dangers related to violently shaking a baby and how SBS can be prevented.  It is important that everyone who cares for small children to know the many serious and sometimes fatal injuries that can be caused when a child is violently shaken.  The information outlines causes of SBS, provides tips to reduce stress, and encourages a plan for when babies cry. This information is ideal for use during wellness and baby fairs, parenting classes and home visitation programs.  To heighten awareness, place these materials in hospitals, childcare centers, health clinics and other family serving agencies. Find SBS resources here.

Safe Crib – Safe Sleep 
Help spread the important message about crib safety and the importance of placing babies on their backs to sleep.  By following the six steps promoted within the materials, a child’s chances for injury, overheating, suffocation, strangulation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome will decrease.  To heighten awareness, place this poster in hospitals, childcare centers, health clinics and other family serving agencies. Find SCSS resources here.

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