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During the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) annual fall Board meeting held October 2007 in Jefferson City, the Board recognized Rep. Rachel Storch and Rev. Robert "Bob" Marty for their service and contribution related to child abuse and neglect prevention.

In addition, the Board expressed appreciation to Nanci Bobrow, Ph.D., of St. Louis for her service as Board chair over the last two years.  The Board also elected and welcomed Regina Staves, Ph.D., of Kansas City as the new Board chair and Patrice Mugg of St. Louis as the new chair elect.

Photo: Senator Maida Coleman of St. Louis; Nanci Bobrow, former CTF chair; Rep. Rachel Storch of St. Louis; Kirk Schreiber, CTF executive director [Larger photo]

Rep. Storch Receives Donovan Award
Recognized for Leadership in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
CTF presented State Representative Rachel Storch of St. Louis with the Laurie Donovan Award for her outstanding commitment and service to Missouri’s children in developing public policy.

Photo: Nanci Bobrow, former CTF chair; Rep. Rachel Storch; Laurie Donovan

Established in 2000, the Donovan Award is given annually to one current or retired elected official who has provided leadership in the area of child abuse prevention, family support and overall concern and advocacy for children and family issues.  Rep. Storch was elected to the legislature in 2004 and serves the 64th District.  She is an advisory board member for Nurses for Newborns Foundation (NFNF), St. Louis Crisis Nursery and Voices for Children. 

“Rachel possesses commitment and integrity as she fights for Missouri’s low-income families and children, particularly in the areas of healthcare, insurance coverage, education and abuse prevention and treatment,” said Nanci Bobrow, former CTF chair.  “As a member of the Budget Committee, she has secured funding affecting children such as the Umbilical Cord Blood Bank at Cardinal Glennon Hospital; child welfare programs, including NFNF, aimed at preventing abuse; and the SafeCare program which educates physicians to perform exams and administer treatment to sexually abused children.”

The CTF Board of Directors created the award named after former Missouri House of Representative Laurie Donovan for her efforts while serving in the general assembly.  Previous award recipients include Rep. Donovan, Governor Mel Carnahan (posthumously), Sen. Harold Caskey, Sen. Betty Sims and Sen. Roseann Bentley.

Rev. Marty Receives Chair Award
Rev. Robert Marty
of Mexico was the recipient of the CTF Chair Award, which is given to a CTF Board member, grantee or other individual who displays outstanding service and support to CTF and its mission to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

Photo: State Senator Maida Coleman of St. Louis; Nanci Bobrow, former CTF chair; Rev. Robert Marty; Regina Staves, CTF chair; Kirk Schreiber, CTF executive director.

Rev. Marty was appointed to the CTF Board in 2002 by Governor Bob Holden.  He is an ordained minister and serves as pastor of Midway Christian Church in Mexico.  He is a former Mexico Board of Education president, city council member and Mayor of Mexico.

“He is known as an advocate for children and families,” said Nanci Bobrow, former CTF chair.  “He is a compassionate person and approaches each task with a positive outlook.  He brings careful attention to each issue, discussion and decision, while adding a dose of wit and humor to each board meeting.”

Board Members Take New Leadership Roles
During the meeting, Regina Staves, Ph.D., of Kansas City was elected chair of the CTF Board of Directors. She has been a member of the Board since 2004 and will serve a two-year term as chair. 

Dr. Staves is an Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Psychology at Avila University in Kansas City.   She is also a licensed mental health counselor specializing in psychological trauma and attachment in children and adults.  Her interests include child development, specifically emotional and brain development, and she is also involved in educating the community about the positive individual and societal effects of restorative justice.

Photo: Regina Staves, CTF chair; Nanci Bobrow, former CTF chair; Kirk Schreiber, CTF executive director

Dr. Staves – "As a child and family therapist, educator and child advocate, I am grateful for the opportunity to chair the Children’s Trust Fund Board.  It is highly rewarding to work with the CTF staff and board members, who are geninuely dedicated to keeping children safe and preventing child abuse and neglect.  It is my hope over the next two years to further promote the awareness of child abuse prevention across our state and to increase advocacy efforts in keeping all of Missouri’s children safe from abuse."

Staves replaced outgoing chair Nanci Bobrow, Ph.D, who is a licensed psychologist and a certified health service provider.

Patrice O’Neil Mugg of Kirkwood, who has been a Board member since 2005, was elected chair elect and will succeed Staves as chair in October 2009.  She is a former teacher certified in special education and is active with the Kirkwood School District Foundation, Greentree Community Church Mentoring program, Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, and North Kirkwood Middle School PTO.