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The Children's Trust Fund (CTF) Board of Directors announces the availability of grant funds for child abuse/neglect prevention programs for state Fiscal Year 2009 (July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009). Up to $300,000 is available for first year projects and up to $900,000 is available for renewal projects (those that are currently funded by CTF within the five-year grant cycle.) 

"These funds are available annually to support Missouri's children and families, and we are thrilled many prevention programs previously supported by CTF are being replicated in other parts of the state," said Gina Staves, CTF board chair.

CTF receives no general revenue funding, but funds all of its prevention activities, programs and public education campaigns with funds received from dedicated fees on marriage licenses, vital records, general donations, donations from the specialized CTF license plate, state income tax checkoff, interest from the fund, and a federal grant. 

"It's critical that we commit to our grant recipients for up to five years, provided they meet the grant requirements, so they can continue to provide essential prevention services and sustain themselves once CTF funding has ended," said Kirk Schreiber, CTF executive director.  During the final three years of funding the grantee is required to provide matching funds in increasing increments.

To be considered, applications must be postmarked on or before March 13, 2008.  For more information please contact Laura Malzner, CTF Program Coordinator, at (573) 751-5147 or

FY 2009 CTF General Prevention Grant Application (Word doc) Note:  Link no longer available
FY 2009 CTF General Prevention Grant Application (PDF) Note: Link no longer available