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Stressful situations can take a toll on families and sometimes parents may feel like they’ve reached their breaking point.  In those moments there are resources available to help.  One such resource is CTF grantee Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.  Since 1986, the program has made available a helpline for families who feel like they don’t have anywhere else to turn when they have an emergency or are in crisis. We spoke to DiAnne Mueller, CEO Saint Louis Crisis Nursery about what kinds of situations they see.

AUDIO: How the crisis nursery works

Once the initial crisis period is over the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery offers an after care program called Family Empowerment. Parents and caregivers are educated in critical parenting skills and basic child development issues; topics include appropriate discipline, budgeting, and job preparedness skills.

AUDIO: Mueller talks about a family helped by the crisis nursery.

The crisis nursery has many community partners that work to spread awareness about the services available.

AUDIO: Life saving services

Mueller has worked to open 5 crisis nurseries so far and says she’s happy to speak with anyone who would like to provide the service in their own community.

AUDIO: Opening a support service

You can contact the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery at 314-292-5770.