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Great Circle’sgc-logo8 Project THRIVE is a collaborative, community-based initiative that works toward strengthening families in Adair County and select areas in Macon County who are experiencing high stress and/or other risk factors.  Services are free to eligible families as a result of a grant from the Children’s Trust Fund via funding from the Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Program (CBCAP) federal grant administered by the Administration for Children & Families (ACF), Department of Health & Human Services.

In order to be considered for Project THRIVE, families must meet certain eligibility criteria such as: parents who are experiencing mental health or psychological disorders and have young children; parents with severe psychological disorders, substance abuse issues, or other at-risk factors that could lead to child abuse and neglect including trauma history; and many more. By ensuring that parents have the knowledge, skills and resources they need to care for their children, Project THRIVE can help promote children’s social and emotional well-being and prevent child maltreatment within families and communities.

We spoke with Kristin Rouner, Project Thrive Coordinator about this initiative.

AUDIO: The effects of Missouri CTF’s funding on Project THRIVE

Project THRIVE has a provider network comprising a variety of agencies within Adair and Macon counties that are referral sources. When those agencies identify a family that meet their criteria, they refer them to Project THRIVE. Kristin Rouner, as coordinator, works with the larger provider network in building capacity, organizing and delivering services to families in an integrated, strength-based comprehensive way.

AUDIO: A testament of success

Project Thrive’s network of primary care providers includes mental health, social service agencies, civic organizations, faith-based organizations, local government agencies and others. Together, they are committed to working collaboratively to provide comprehensive wrap-around services to families and eliminate service duplication. Each family works with a lead agency and a family support team of providers from the network to develop and implement a family road map for achieving their stated goal(s).

AUDIO: Families supporting other families in Project THRIVE

Project THIRVE focuses on ways to build and promote the protective factors, in every interaction with children and families to prevent child maltreatment and promote optimal child development.

AUDIO: Advice for counties wanting to provide similar services

For more information about Project THRIVE, please call Kristin Rouner at (660) 627-2463.