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YWCA St JosephParenting for Prevention increases the availability of parenting classes and works to reach parents at their cognitive level. The program has been wholey funded by CTF and offered through the YWCA of St. Joseph.  Two ten-week sessions are held to provide parents information and to help develop parenting skills necessary to raising healthy children and to decrease the risk of child abuse and neglect. One of the program’s focuses is teaching parents how to interact with their children, and helping them understand that every child has a different personality so no one tactic will work with all. The program focuses on children 2 to 12 years old.

Class topics center around understanding child development, developing positive family communications, building positive social and emotional skills in both parent and child (responsiveness, sensitivity, nurturing), discipline and appropriate behavior management, and promoting self-reliance by sharing information from community services like Parents as TeachersEarly Head StartCircle of Parents, Success by Six and others.

We spoke with Ellen Kisker, YWCA Prevention Educator, to learn more about Parenting for Prevention.

AUDIO: Ellen discusses one of the most common concerns of parents, discipline, and how the program’s materials help the parents.

AUDIO: Ellen discusses the short- and long-term goal of Parenting for Prevention.

For more information visit or call Ellen at 816-232-4481.