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mglogowebThe Mentor for Teen Parents prevention program is offered through Marygrove therapeutic residential treatment facility located in Florissant.  Marygrove provides care for children, teens and young adults with behavioral and psychiatric disorders, mostly related to early life trauma. The Mentor for Teen Parents program focuses on supporting pregnant and parenting teens who are currently in transitional and independent living programs. Through a mentor or case manager, teen parents receive education and guidance for child abuse prevention, mental health, child development, child care, and community resources and housing. Mentors demonstrate how to live productively while raising a child. CTF funding supports mentors and case managers, both critical positions that directly impact teen parents and their children. We spoke with members from the Marygrove senior management team about the importance of independent and community support.

Rose Crofford, Marygrove Chief Operations Officer, talks about the importance of teen parents learning to support themselves and their children.

AUDIO: Importance of self-reliance for parenting teens

Kathryn Feldt, Marygrove Chief Development Officer, says community support greatly enhances the program’s success.

AUDIO: Community support