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The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) will be accepting grant applications for discretionary prevention programs for state Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018) after March 1, 2017. Discretionary grants are designed to be responsive to low-cost prevention projects or needs identified by communities, organizations or agencies. A maximum of $5,000 per grant award may be requested per application. Grants are for one year and must be specifically aimed at primary and secondary prevention of child abuse/neglect including projects that strengthen and support families.  Applications will be accepted for consideration until all approved funding has been obligated. For additional information please contact CTF Program Coordinator Laura Malzner (573-751-6511).

CTF Discretionary Application FY 2018 (Word)
CTF Discretionary Application FY 2018 (PDF)

Additionally, the CTF Board of Directors and program staff will be conducting a strategic review over the next several months of  the CTF general child abuse/neglect grant funding process.  Due to the potential for changes to the funding cycle, application and award process, as well as subsequent impact on encumbered funds over time, the CTF  Board has made the decision to not solicit applications for first-year general prevention programs for the FY 2018 contract period.  CTF will continue to fund general child abuse and neglect prevention projects eligible for renewal in FY 2018. Questions regarding the general child abuse and neglect prevention grant program may also be directed to Laura Malzner.