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Cornerstones - LogoNo capes are required to be a superhero in the eyes of a child. This is the mission of BraveHearts for Dads, to help fathers be everyday superheros.

BraveHearts for Dads is a free and voluntary fathering empowerment program from Cornerstones of Care, a Kansas City organization partnering with children and families to achieve safety and health throughout Missouri. BraveHearts for Dads provides a community where fathers can discuss, make connections, and support each other through fatherhood. Through its curriculum, the BraveHearts for Dads program teaches dads what it means to be a father, how to raise a child, and equips fathers with important skills. Skills such as:

  • Skills for interacting with your child’s mother and other caregivers and providers.
  • Better understanding of bonding and attachment.
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a father.
  • Skills for managing your physical health.
  • Important levels of child development.
  • Parenting and discipline skills.
  • Techniques for fatherhood development.
  • How to strengthen family protective factors.

We spoke with Lisa Wilson, Cornerstones of Care Program Manager, about the BraveHearts for Dads program. Listen to the audio below to learn more about the program.

AUDIO: Lisa Wilson briefly explains the BraveHearts for Dads program and describes fathers who make good candidates for the program.

BraveHearts for Dads uses resources from the National Fatherhood Initiative, a non-profit that aims to create a world in which every child has a 24/7 dad.

AUDIO: Wilson talks about curriculum used in the BraveHearts for Dads program and who benefits.

From young men to grandfathers, the BraveHearts for Dads program reaches all who have a desire to be a better dad, grandfather, or spouse. Any father or caregiver seeking to improve the relationship with their child and strengthen their protective factors is encouraged to enroll.

AUDIO: Wilson describes men who have enrolled in the program.

Wilson says the Missouri community has been extremely supportive and interested. She says multiple agencies have now reached out to Cornerstones of Care requesting to use the BraveHearts for Dads program in the services their organization offers. Wilson says that BraveHearts for Dads is an important program because it reaches an audience that often gets overlooked, dads.

Wilson also thanks the Children Trust Fund for their support through funding. Without CTF funding the BraveHearts for Dads program would not exist because the materials and staffing needed to run the program would not be available.

AUDIO: Lisa Wilson talks about the future goals of the BraveHearts for Dads program.

For more information on BraveHearts for Dads, visit the Cornerstones of Care website, call 855-778-5437, or email