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People Helping People is a slogan commonly heard to describe the community of Adair County. Like Adair County, Project THRIVE is a program of People Helping People.

Project THRIVE works with families experiencing high stress to improve well-being. They strive to identify and build upon their families’ strengths that may include family support, basic needs met, transportation, financial resources, education, community resources, health and various personality traits such as compassion, empathy and attitude.

Project THRIVE is a family-centered and prevention focused program designed to strengthen families with young children by providing coordinated wrap-around family-centered services and support that promotes the safety and well-being of children. The program delivers health, support and social services to families in order to improve overall outcomes, reduce costs, promote family empowerment, teach child and youth development, and ultimately reduce the risks or incidence of child abuse and neglect.  Project THRIVE offers Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) among other parent engagements. We spoke with Angie Hunolt, Project THRIVE Coordinator, about the program:

AUDIO: Hunolt explains how the coordinated services delivery model has enhanced the program.

Health, mental health and social services agencies; civic organizations; churches; and schools make up the team, and Project THRIVE is the Team Captain that helps everyone work together efficiently and to make sure families get what they need, like information about handling stress, child behavior/development, financial planning, knowledge of resources, system navigation, alcohol and drug abuse, parenting and employment.

AUDIO: Hunolt describes the network of providers.

Angela Hunolt, Project THRIVE Coordinator, tells the story of a family of four who came to Project THRIVE after the school district noticed aggressive behaviors from the male child that caused safety concerns for other children, teachers and himself and resulted in his parents missing work. The family was eager and engaged right away in Headstart, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), family counseling, parenting classes, Parent Connection Nights and others.

AUDIO: Hunolt reveals the ultimate goals of the program.

After the family completed PCIT, the child learned skills to appropriately express his feelings and communicate his needs. His parents describe their gained knowledge as a gift and are now better equipped to support their son in making good decisions. Together, they now enjoy more peaceful meals at home or at restaurants, do homework and have improved school and work relationships. Project THRIVE made a difference for this family.

AUDIO: Hunolt shares community and family responses regarding Project THRIVE. 

Angela Hunolt said, “This family worked really hard to overcome the barriers that had set them back in the past and worked to achieve their goals. Both mom and dad are now working full time and both children are thriving in school.”

Funders like the Children’s Trust Fund that share their vision to strengthen and support families are vital to this program. Click here to see this Featured Program on page 3 of our Annual Report.