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One of my favorite parts of working at CTF is meeting leaders and advocates who share our passion for protecting children. So, if you can, please take 3 minutes to nominate a hero for me to interview in an upcoming edition of First-hand Insights.

A hero doesn’t have to be a recipient of CTF funding or, really, connected to CTF in any way. It can be an employee or volunteer at an agency doing great work in your community, a parent or teacher going above and beyond for kids, a philanthropic community member, or a legislator or policy advocate.

The most important thing about the hero you nominate is that the work they are doing inspires you to keep doing yours.

Use the form below to let us know about your Hero Nominee. We won’t contact them until we make a selection and get a little more information from you. Also, while we’ll give you an opportunity to reach out to them on our behalf, your nominee doesn’t have to know who nominated them. Get started by sharing just a few details with us, and a member of our staff will be in touch.

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