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In the just-released video above, members of the Board and CTF Staff expand on the fundamental needs CTF seeks to address in Missouri and the approach that our team takes to set its policy and funding priorities. In December, 2021, The Board of Directors adopted the following Legislative Priorities for 2022:


1. CSA Prevention Funding

Increase understanding and support for child sexual abuse prevention funding.

2. Home Visiting Funding

Obtain and design funding mechanism for using Medicaid or other long term federal source to support home visiting.

3. Home Visiting Service Expansion

Create a system, and obtain necessary funding, to provide home visiting services to pregnant foster care teens.

4. Pay For Outcomes Model Application

Create statewide Pay for Outcomes demonstration project.

5. Home Visiting System Unification

Work with partners to design a unified home visiting system and strategy.

All those systems that we have that don’t support families – those are things that an individual can’t fix. Those are things that a community has to come together to fix.

Amy Beechner-McCarthy

CTF Board Member, Executive Director of Russell House

CTF would benefit from additional stakeholder advocacy and involvement in ANY of these key areas. If you or your organization would like to participate in advocacy efforts, or if you are in need of template letters of support to share with your teams, boards, donors, and volunteers, please fill out our 2-minute Advocacy Action Form below!

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