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CTF is excited to announce the CTF Board of Directors has approved the release of $2M in responsive funding over four years, starting in state fiscal year 2025. This responsive funding opportunity will support community-based child abuse and neglect prevention efforts outside of CTF’s priority programming areas of home visiting, childhood sexual abuse prevention and infant safe sleep.

In recent years, CTF has taken a strategic approach to grantmaking to maximize our impact in the areas of early childhood home visiting, child sexual abuse prevention, and infant safe sleep. While we are proud of the strides being made in these areas, we acknowledge that resources are needed for other valuable projects and programming.

Basic eligibility will consist of projects and/or programs whose primary purpose is to prevent child abuse/neglect, using a primary/secondary prevention framework, in impact areas other than early childhood home visiting, child sexual abuse prevention, and infant safe sleep. Proposals indirectly affecting CTF priority areas will be considered, and proposals to leverage programming in CTF priority areas to maximize impact in other areas will receive priority consideration. 

Individual applicants will be able to apply for 1-4 years of funding at a maximum of $100,000 per year. There will be a two-step application process, which will begin with a request for Letters of Intent that will be released on May 1, 2024:

  • Interested agencies will first submit a letter of intent (LOI) to apply.
    • Deadline: March 22, 2024
  • Select candidates will then be invited to submit a full application beginning April 5, 2024.
    • Deadline for invited applicants will be May 3, 2024

Additional information about this funding opportunity will be released through a request for proposals in the coming months.