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Safety Tips for Methamphetamine Environments

In response to those who attended the workshop on Methamphetamine (Meth) during the Children’s Trust Fund’s (CTF’s) child abuse and neglect prevention conference in March 2007, CTF has developed an electronic flier, A Toxic Combination: Children and Methamphetamine, to assist home visitors in becoming informed and safe as they work with and help families.

The Missouri Guidelines for Managing Children Found at Methamphetamine Laboratory Sites implemented by the Missouri Juvenile Justice Association (MJJA) is another tool that provides agencies and organizations with a protocol to cautiously deal with a Meth environment and the safe removal of involved children.

The production and use of Meth creates a dangerous environment for children and families, as well as home visitors who serve their communities. Meth has a detrimental effect on child abuse and neglect in Missouri, since addiction may lead to parents and caregivers compromising the healthy lives of their children in order to maintain continued use of the drug. As a result, children may be exposed to very dangerous surroundings, severe neglect, and physical and sexual abuse. In addition, homes contaminated with Meth pose risks to home visitors as they conduct their work.

CTF expresses appreciation to Detective Mark Edwards of the Jefferson City Police Department and Peggy Thoenen, Early Childhood Consultant, who contributed the content for this public education piece.