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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

We ALL have a role to play to keep children safe.
Report Child Abuse in Missouri

How can we prevent child sexual abuse?

1. Learn the Facts
• Child sexual abuse occurs in every community
• 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday
• 90% of abuse is committed by someone the family knows, likes, loves or trusts
• Most child victims delay or NEVER disclose because they are afraid and ashamed

2. Create Open Communication
Be confident while teaching your children:

  • the correct name for body parts starting at age 2
    • they have a right to their own body, and that no one else has the right to look at or touch their private parts…not even family, friends or older youth
    • to be comfortable talking with you about anything whether good or bad, fun or sad, easy or difficult
  • Talk to your children about:
    • sex by age 8
    • healthy relationships and consent when they reach their teens
    • Internet safety

3. Ensure Youth-Serving Organizations Put Your Child’s Safety First

  • Reduce isolated, one-on-one situations between adults and children by making interactions interruptible and observable
  •  Implement a Code of Conduct that is written out, clear and displayed publicly
  •  Use background screening and personal reference checks for all employees and volunteers
  •  Train staff in child sexual abuse prevention
    • To schedule a free training, email

Darkness to Light Steward of Children