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Strong Parents, Stable Children: Building Protective Factors to Strengthen Families

Strong Parents, Stable Children:  Building Protective Factors to Strengthen Families

Prevention Focus: Primary – Training for Professionals

Strong Parents, Stable Children is an interactive 4-hour workshop designed to provide an overview of the five protective factors that, when present, increase the overall well-being of children and families.  Through this grant, a minimum of 8 training sessions will be held for approximately 325 professionals across the state in coordination with community based organizations and community networks. Participants will learn and use new strategies to help families build their protective factors and enable children to thrive.  One of the sessions will focus solely on training the trainers.

Initial funding for the development of the training materials was provided by the Missouri Department of Mental Health – Project LAUNCH, and the Children’s Trust Fund through the CBCAP federal grant.  Content is based on the Strengthening Families – A Protective Factors Framework developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP).

For more information:
David G. Schramm, Ph.D., Family Life Specialist, Assistant Professor
Utah State University