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Jamie Myers (Prevention Consultants of Missouri) points us to interesting data that clearly shows that teen meth users are primarily part of a group that is also abusing other substances such as marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco. It is also interesting to see that nearly 1/3 of the users believe their parents are okay with their use.

“The typical student user of methamphetamines is a 17-year old white male who lives with both parents, first tried meth at age 12.6 years, under performs in the classroom, and does not view the drug as harmful to the health, according to data collected by Pride Surveys from more than 3,000 self-reported users of meth in grades 6-12.” More results from this survey.

Still on the topic of meth… Colleagues for Children have produced a useful guide titled: “Methamphetamine: What Child Welfare Workers Should Know”