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Board Of Directors

The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) is governed by a seventeen member Board of Directors that determines the policy development and administration of the organization. Members of the Board are appointed to serve three-year terms. The Board is composed of:

  • Thirteen (13) public members appointed by the Governor eight (8) of which shall have the advice and consent of the Senate, four (4) of which shall be members at-large, and one of which shall be a Board Certified Child Abuse Pediatrician and a Safe Care Provider;
  • Two members of the Missouri House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House; and
  • Two members of the Missouri Senate appointed by the President Pro Tem.

CTF Board of Directors
James D. Anderst, M.D., MSCI, Kansas City
Amy Beechner-McCarthy, Chair, Rolla
Melissa Birdsell, St. Joseph
Nanci Bobrow, Ph.D., St. Louis
Monica Davis, Rolla
Sharon Faulkner, Chair-Elect, Springfield
John B. Heskett, Ed.D., Chesterfield
Michael Howard, Crestwood
Rep. Kip Kendrick, State Representative (District 45), Columbia
Margaret Peggy Krokstrom, Chesterfield
Jeanie Riddle, State Senator (District 10), Holts Summit
Sharon E. Rohrbach, R.N., Fenton
Jill Schupp, State Senator (District 24), St. Louis
Cody Smith, State Representative (District 163), Carthage
Cherisse Thibaut, Kirkwood
Derek J. Wiseman, St. Louis

The Board employs an executive director who is responsible for the administration and management of CTF and for recruiting other personnel as needed to accomplish goals.

To apply for a board or commission, complete the Boards and Commissions Appointment Application or contact the Office of Boards and Commissions, Missouri Office of the Governor.

For CTF Board members only > To access CTF graphics for personal use, please visit the Box.