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The news story that sparked the Kansas City Child Abuse Roundtable Coalition into action in 2001 is making headlines again. In 1999, eight year old twin brothers, Larry and Gary Bass, died after suffering abuse from their mother and her boyfriend. Two of their siblings are now talking about the events that led to their brothers’ deaths and one is writing a book about it.

Watch the news story about Larry and Gary Bass here:  Siblings Open Up About Mother’s Torture Of Brothers – Kansas City News Story – KMBC Kansas City.

Because of the abuse suffered by the Bass twins, leaders at Kansas City’s only child abuse treatment center for young children, The Children’s Place, jumped into action to increase public education about child abuse.  Debby Howland and David Francis used their experience with The Children’s Place to convene a group of not only child abuse advocates, but elected officials.  That led to the formation of the Child Abuse Roundtable Coaltion in February 2001.

AUDIO: Debby Howland talks about the first roundtable meeting.

Howland says separate entities in the area made the realization that they all had the same goal, preventing child abuse and neglect.  As a group more is accomplished, and Kansas City is being recognized by other communities that want to implement similar programs of their own.

AUDIO: Debby Howland talks about bringing groups together.

David Francis has been involved with the coalition since the beginning.  He says it’s important that its work continues. 

AUDIO: David Francis talks about outcomes.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Kansas City Child Abuse Roundtable Coalition, contact The Children’s Place.