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The Rose Brooks Center (RBC) is a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City.  A child abuse and neglect prevention grant from the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) helps to support RBC’s Family Enrichment Program.  This program helps mothers gain the knowledge and skills they need to raise healthy children and prevent child abuse in high risk situations.  CTF funds are used to support parenting classes in which the Active Parenting curriculum is used.  RBC has  implemented classes for both English and Spanish speaking moms. Family Services Coordinator Kim Fletcher says the program offers a lot to help stabilize families, including crisis intervention, life skills development, and other supportive and therapeutic services.

AUDIO: Kim Fletcher talks about the Family Enrichment Program.

Fletcher says the innovative services Rose Brooks Center offers can help a family suffering from trauma end the cycle of violence and abuse, and make a new start. 

AUDIO: Kim Fletcher tells the story of a family helped by RBC.

Rose Brooks Center uses a proven curriculum to provide parenting skills to those who may be struggling. Fletcher says they’re able to do this through their partnership with CTF.

AUDIO: Kim Fletcher talks about the importance of CTF’s grant funding.

The Rose Brooks Center offers a 24 hour a day crisis hotline number for anyone who needs assistance. The number is 1-800-HOTLINE. Fletcher says anyone is welcome to call whether they’re in crisis or just need to talk or need a referral for a program that they can turn to in their own area, if they’re outside of Kansas City. The hotline operates in more than 100 languages.