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The Missouri Child Fatality Review Program’s (CFRP) 2010 Annual Report is now available.  The report entitled, Preventing Child Deaths in Missouri, provides a statistical breakdown of child injuries and deaths both accidental and non-accidental by county and statewide.  It also contains helpful recommendations for keeping children safe and reducing the chances for injuries and/or fatalities from occurring.  Issued by the State Technical Assistance Team (STAT), Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS), the report provides information about Missouri’s Child Fatality Review Program and reflects the work of many dedicated professionals throughout the state who strive to improve and protect the lives of Missouri’s youngest citizens.

DSS Interim Director Brian Kinkade says, “Missouri’s CFRP remains one of the premier programs across the nation.  Multidisciplinary coordination and cooperation over the past nineteen years have contributed much to what we have learned and the successes we have achieved.”

The report indicates that in 2010, 915 child deaths were reported to the CFRP, a decrease of 140 deaths from the previous year.  Of those, eighty-six children died as a result of child abuse and neglect.

Production and printing costs for the report are made possible in part through a grant from the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund.  Current and previous reports can be accessed here.