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Children’s Trust Fund provides a grant to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri for the organization’s Amachi program.  Amachi serves at-risk children of current and former prisoners, who research suggests are at higher risk of entering the corrections system themselves.  The program utilizes a training manual to provide quarterly training sessions that address the importance of healthy parenting and  implementing protective factors known to reduce child abuse and neglect.  Kristen Slaghter, Senior Vice President of Accountability and Kate Dopuch, Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance spoke with us about the impact the program has on families in the region they serve, and why they focus on these children.

AUDIO: Kristen Slaughter talks about what sparked interest in the Amachi program.

Slaughter and Dopuch point out that the funding Big Brothers Big Sisters receives from CTF is used to focus on prevention of child abuse and neglect.

AUDIO: Kristen Slaughter and Kate Dopuch talk about how they use CTF funding.

The Amachi program often deals with sensitive subject matter.  By using the resources of area agencies with expertise in the care of children of prisoners Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri is better able to address the specific needs of each child and their family.

AUDIO: Kate Dopuch talks about some of the key partners involved with the program.