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Moms are so important and Mother’s Day in May pays tribute to all moms everywhere.  At the Dexter Community Regional Healthcare Foundation (DCRHF) located in Dexter, MO (Stoddard County), mothers are celebrated every day of every month through their Mother-to-Mother program funded in part by the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF).

Mother-to-Mother is an incentive based mentoring program that pairs young mothers with experienced mothers.  Services support at-risk pregnant and parenting families through home visitation, parent education and training, peer and social support, and community resources.  The program is for young women, no older than 21 1/2, who have or are pregnant with their first child. We spoke with Yvonne Hall, DCRHF Interim Executive Director about the program and how it works to give young mothers the skills they need to be good parents and responsible community members.

AUDIO: Yvonne Hall talks about the mentoring and incentives that young mothers receive.

Hall says there are many agencies that assist in making the Mother-to-Mother program a success.

AUDIO: Yvonne Hall talking about the community resources that enhance the program

The Mother-to-Mother program works to enhance the lives of young women for the long term. Part of that mission is placing a focus on education.

AUDIO: Yvonne Hall talking about how the Mother-to-Mother program assists in Education

Hall says funding assistance is a key to being able to offer all of the services available with Mother-to-Mother.

AUDIO: Yvonne Hall explains why CTF funds are so important to the program.