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The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) FY 2012 Annual Report is now available and highlights CTF’s prevention activities, events, grants and public education campaigns from July 2011 through June 2012.  During that time, CTF distributed over $2.8 million in prevention funding to support 117 community-based programs such as home visitation, safe crib/safe sleep, crisis nursery, mentoring, parent education, family support, public eduction and other prevention initiatives.  Promoting and embedding the protective factors that, when present, are known to prevent child abuse and strengthen families continued as a priority of CTF and are important components of funded programs.

CTF continued its “Never Shake A Baby”, “Not Even For A Minute (NEFAM)”, “Words Hurt” and “Parent with Patience” public education campaigns, and continued its partnership with the Department of Health & Senior Services to provide safe cribs and safe sleep education to Missouri counties in need of a safe crib program.  CTF revised and reissued its Prevent Shaken Baby  DVD, adding a unit on Safe Sleep for your Baby.  CTF also developed a new flier addressing emotional well-being of children to help prevent emotional abuse.  In its 29th year, CTF has distributed over $45 million in prevention funds from donations and dedicated fees since its inception in 1983.