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Governor Jay Nixon recently declared April as Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month in Missouri.  Over twenty individuals joined the Governor in his Capitol office for the March 6 ceremony including individuals from the Missouri House and Senate, division directors, child advocates, board members, and service providers.  Many individuals present were members of the Missouri Prevention Partners (MPP) Coalition, a consortium of agencies, organizations and individuals who provide leadership to reduce child abuse and neglect by strengthening families and communities. View 2013 proclamation.

Governor Proc Photo 2013

Pictured L to R (front row) –
Emily van Schenkhof, Missouri KidsFirst
Rep. Jill Schupp, District 82, Creve Coeur, CTF Board
Bob Harris, M.D., Columbia, CTF Board
Governor Jay Nixon
Candice Shively, DSS Children’s Division
Vivian Murphy, Jefferson City
Mary Chant, MO Coalition of Children’s Agencies
(second row) –
Carolyn Swanigan, Office of Child Advocate
Shannon Stokes, One Hope United
Kirk Schreiber, CTF
Emily Smith, DMH
Maureen Hill, DSS-STAT
Mary List, DHHS
Patsy Carter, Ph.D., DMH
Debby Howland, KC Child Abuse Roundtable Coalition
(back row) –
Paula Cunningham, CTF
Elise Herwig, Washington University
Carmen Schulze, Great Circle
Senator John Lamping, Dist. 24, St. Louis, CTF Board
Rep. Bill Lant, Dist. 159, Joplin, CTF Board
Emerson ‘Skip’ McGuire, DSS-STAT
Rodney Jones, DSS-STAT
Connie Berhorst, DPS
Erin Brower, Partnership for Children