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Incredible_Years_LogoChildren’s Trust Fund (CTF) prevention partner Great Circle began implementing Adair County’s Incredible Years (IY) program in 2012, however the program itself was developed more than 30 years ago in Seattle. It has since been recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and Promising Practices Network. Incredible Years works with families that include children, ages 3-12, who exhibit conduct problems or who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, which make them at higher risk for abuse. The Incredible Years Nationalprogram uses a series of video courses to educate parents and caregivers about positive strategies, techniques and resources they can use to enhance and strengthen their parenting skills. Participants meet in a group setting in an effort to build a network of support for each family.  Topics include nonviolent discipline approaches and positive parent-teacher-child relationships. Great Circle offers IY three times per year.  We spoke with Lynn Van Dolah, Program Coordinator for Incredible Years about the program. She credits CTF funding for bringing the program to Adair County.

With the success of the program Van Dolah says a goal is to expand IY to reach more people:
AUDIO: Van Dolah talks about expanding IY

Van Dolah shared two testimonials from individuals who had participated in the Incredible Years program.
AUDIO: Van Dolah shares testimonials

Anyone interested in getting involved is encouraged to call for more information, 660-216-7332:
AUDIO: Getting involved with program