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Leigh_dunlap_Parent_classA few years ago, staff with the Jefferson City Daycare Center noticed that some of the children’s parents were struggling with having a life outside of providing for their families.  They had very little peer contact and didn’t have the resources available to participate in activities outside of home and work.

MiccaTo address the issue, Jefferson City Daycare implemented their Parent Education Program, with funding from the United Way and then the Children’s Trust Fund. It’s based upon the Strengthening Families approach to protective factors. The program provides opportunities for parents to take part in educational presentations including subjects like nutrition, infant/child CPR, dental health, budgeting, positive discipline, single parent concerns, and ideas and activities for playing with children.  The center welcomes a wide variety of speakers.  Donna Scheidt, Jefferson City Daycare Center Director, says the program has grown beyond education and is helping parents make much needed connections and friendships.

AUDIO: Scheidt talks about how the parent classes help provide support for everyday parenting

AUDIO: Scheidt talks about the power of word-of-mouth in building resources

AUDIO: Scheidt shares an example of the positive impact the program can have for parents

AUDIO: Scheidt talks about how important it is to recognize parents for the hard work that it takes to build strong families