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1BDDA5F5The Young Parent Program, through the New Madrid County Family Resource Center, is a mentoring program that helps young women and their partners during pregnancy and early parenting. The Young Parent Program works to help parents develop skills and independence through support, counseling and friendship.  The program focuses on continuing education, finding and maintaining employment, information on living a healthy lifestyle and practicing positive parenting skills. We spoke to Tonya Vannasdall, Director, about the program’s beginnings, the strides made and where she hopes it will go from here.

AUDIO: Vannasdall talks about the program start with the help of the Children’s Trust Fund.

AUDIO: Vannasdall says the program is meant to not only educate but provide an outlet for quality time.

AUDIO: Vannasdall chats about the long-term goals of the Young Parent Program.

AUDIO: Many of those who have been previous participants in the Young Parents program return later on to share their experiences with other parents in the program.