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PATCH pic2 PATCH, which stands for Parents and Their Children, of Chillicothe, is a non-profit organization that helps children, whose mothers are incarcerated at Chillicothe Correctional Center, keep the connection during the time that they’re separated. The visits take place in a home-like setting, over 4 hours. They are supervised by PATCH staff or volunteers. The visits help to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect when the incarcerated parent is reunified with their child(ren).

PATCH also provides required parenting classes to mothers. The women complete ten classes over a five week period through the parent education course Turning Points.  Additional visits may be earned through on-going participation in PATCH Parent Support Group meetings. CTF provides grant funding for the PATCH program. We spoke with Barb Burton, Program Director, about PATCH and how it works to help build and maintain strong family relationships during the incarceration period and beyond.

PATCH pic1AUDIO: Burton describes PATCH visits and describes the program’s eligibility requirements.

AUDIO: Burton describes how PATCH has impacted mothers.

AUDIO: Burton reflects on the long-term benefits the program can have on children.

AUDIO: Burton shares the benefits the program has seen since receiving CTF funding.

AUDIO: Burton shares one of her favorite stories of a young woman who was helped by PATCH as a child.