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Public Education update: Our Something We Agree On Campaign is live now at!

This campaign is CTF’s latest educational and awareness initiative that aims to bring perceived and actual norms related to child well-being into alignment, to increase protective attitudes and behaviors, and to promote a sense of shared responsibility for child well-being.

This effort began with a 2020 baseline survey of Missouri adults to measure perceived and actual norms related to child abuse and neglect prevention. The Montana Institute then helped us to select norms that reflected protective attitudes and behaviors with a margin for growth and a notable discrepancy between the actual and perceived norms measured. Our friends at Bucket Media then took one of these norms related to child sexual abuse prevention and ran with it to create the first iteration of Something We Agree On, a multimedia campaign that will initially run through June 2022 in four areas of the state with an identified need for increased child sexual abuse prevention.

Additionally, the four geographical areas targeted for campaign promotion coincide with regions where CTF is also funding child sexual abuse prevention initiatives that utilize multiple interventions and a public health approach. By focusing resources in geographical areas of need, across multiple levels of the social-ecological model for prevention, we hope to have a meaningful impact on the communities served and to contribute to the developing field of evidence-based child sexual abuse prevention.

The final step in the campaign’s iterative process will be a resurvey of the norms measured in the original survey, to assess progress made and create a new baseline for the next iteration. Keep an eye out for Something We Agree On posts on our social media channels, and check out the campaign website at!