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The Missouri Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) is pleased to announce the availability of up to $150,000 for Missouri-based partners to develop and implement community-based marketing plans for a childhood sexual abuse prevention and/or corporal punishment prevention campaign(s). The maximum funding amount per agency will be $30,000.

CTF seeks partners to develop and implement a marketing plan using Something We Agree On graphic, video and audio assets; website; resources and other materials that:

       Prioritizes reaching parents/caregivers and/or communities in the most need;

       Is catered to the specific needs, gathering/community centers, cultures and communication styles of your community, and;

       Leans on partnerships and networks of wider community-based support for the most impact in the community, including (but not limited to) health care systems, religious institutions, public schools, libraries, resource centers, mail services, and more.

To learn more about the campaign and available resources, visit

To learn more about this opportunity, check out our Funding Opportunities page.