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COVID-19 Response

“In the last few months, CTF has been very concerned about Missouri children and families and our long-time partners and grantees who serve them.  We hope this funding will provide a needed boost to agencies that are working so hard to prevent child abuse and neglect.”— Emily van Schenkhof, CTF Executive Director

The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) Board of Directors understands that the current situation with COVID-19 is making delivering prevention services to families more difficult at a time when the risk for child maltreatment is increasing.  During this time of crisis, CTF felt compelled to respond to COVID-19 from a Program and Public Education perspective to help meet the critical needs of its partners to help their families and communities and to promote resources to build and encourage resiliency in families.

Missouri Children’s Trust Fund Awards COVID-19 Relief Funding to Boost Community Prevention Efforts > Get the official News Release

The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) Board of Directors recently awarded $155,442 in COVID-19 Relief Funding to fifteen (15) of its current child abuse prevention grantees.

“CTF appreciates the communities who serve our most vulnerable children and is pleased to offer this funding,” said Amy Beecher-McCarthy, CTF Board Chair.  “I hope others will reach out and support organizations in their own communities that are working to strengthen families and protect children.”

In recognition that the present COVID-19 crisis/pandemic is making it more difficult for child-serving agencies to deliver services to families, especially at a time when the risk for child maltreatment is increasing, CTF disbursed the one-time funding to assist with meeting critical needs.  The funding was awarded through an application process for current CTF grantees that focused on priority areas including:

• General operating support
• Concrete supports for families
• Adapting services or providing new services as a result of COVID-19
• Staff time support

This added relief funding is made available from a $260,000 memorial gift that CTF received from the Marigene Smith Brewer Estate in 2018.  For a complete list of funded programs, please visit COVID-19 Relief Funding Grants.

“CTF knows that in times of stress, rates of child abuse and neglect increase. This means the work of community-based organizations that support vulnerable families is more critical now than ever,” said Emily van Schenkhof, CTF Executive Director.  “We believe these grants will assist our partners in meeting the tremendous need in Missouri communities.”

In addition to the relief funding, CTF allowed grantees to:
• Bill for services that could reasonably shift from being in-person to virtual or via telephone, including virtual home visits or online parent classes
• Amend approved budgets to shift funding to meet current need
• Carry over unspent funds into Fiscal Year 2021

“The generous $260,000 bequest from the Marigene Smith Brewer Estate is the largest donation in CTF’s history, and CTF wants to ensure that we honor her legacy and life’s work,” said Laura Malzner, CTF Program Director.  “Marigene was an educator with a heart for at-risk students, so we believe helping families and the agencies that serve them during this unprecedented time honors her donation and the spirit in which it was made.”

Public Education
CTF partnered with, sponsored and/or created the following public education campaigns to enhance overall statewide reach.

  • CTF Seek Help Prevention Campaign
    > Focus: normalize parental stress and encourage the social norm that it is ok for parents to ask for help
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    >Suggested social media posts:
    • Parenting is hard. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s OK to ask for help. Everyone needs help sometimes.  Call the ParentLink WarmLine > 800.552.8522 View the #OKtoSeekHelp video at (link)
    • Parenting is hard. Everyone needs help sometimes. Call someone you trust…your mom, sister, friend, doctor. Call the ParentLink WarmLine > 800.552.8522 View the #OKtoSeekHelp video (link)
  • Missouri KidsFirst #Essential4Kids Campaign
    > Focus – promote the MKF #Essential4Kids campaign encouraging people to be mindful of children’s well-being during COVID-19 and to call the Missouri Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline as necessary
    >Suggested social media posts:
    • We are ALL #Essential4Kids. If you see children, virtually or in person, please be mindful of their well-being during this #COVID19 crisis. Suspect child abuse? Call 800-392-3738 View video > (link)
    • With schools closed and activities cancelled, the adults who normally report child abuse & neglect aren’t there to see it. Your responsibility has never been greater. We are ALL #Essential4Kids. Suspect child abuse? Call 800-392-3738 View video > (link)
  • ParentLink WarmLine Campaign
    > Focus: promote the ParentLink WarmLine to people needing parenting advice/information especially during stressful times

    >Suggested social media posts:
    • ParentLink is still here, engaging Missouri families and promoting optimal development, even during these challenging times.
    • Everyone needs a little support now and then! The ParentLink Warmline can help! Please call 800.552.8522 or visit to find a variety of resources and support services that are right for your family.

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