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For Our Grantees

CTFGeneralBannerThe following forms, templates and resources are intended for current Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) prevention grant recipients to assist in the implementation of their respective prevention program.  Forms may be uploaded for their intended use, but may not be altered.

Please contact CTF Program Coordinator Laura Malzner if further assistance is needed.

Program Timeline FY17
Grant Funding State Map FY17
State Map – CTF Regions
CTF Rule on Indirect Costs
Vendor Input, ACH/EFT Application
Free Online Training:  Bringing the Protective Factors Framework to Life in Your Work – A Resource For Action (pdf)
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Getting Started with Policies & Procedures

CBCAP Grants
CBCAP Invoice FY17
CBCAP Invoice Instructions
CBCAP Annual Report Template FY17
CBCAP Data Template
Assessment of ATA Template
Assessment of PTP Template

Discretionary Grants
Discretionary Annual Report Form
Discretionary Grant Application FY 2018 (Word)

General Prevention Grants
Grant Application Packet FY 17
General Prevention Invoice FY17
General Prevention Invoice Instructions FY17
Annual Program Report FY17
General Prevention Grantee Compliance Presentation
FY 17 General Grant Application Meeting 1-22-16

License Plate Community Partner Grants
CTF License Plate Partner Application Packet FY 2017 (word)
License Plate Partner Invoice FY17
License Plate Partner Invoice Instructions FY17
License Plate Program Annual Report FY17
Marketing Graphics for License Plate Campaign